Artist Exhibition 1118


Scott Livesey Galleries, 16/06/2018 to 21/07/2018

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Artist Exhibition 1083

Willy Tjungurrayi & Lucy Loomoo Nungurrayi

Scott Livesey Galleries, 30/07/2016 to 18/08/2016

WILLY TJUNGURRAYI2016 marks the fortieth year of Willy Tjungurrayi’s career, making him one of the longest practicing Indigenous artists in Australia. During this time Tjungurrayi has meticulously painted the epic journeys of the ancestral Tingari Men who created his country. His painting technique demands intense concentration and commitment, typifying the classic Western Desert men’s style of dot and circle iconography.His art is very much of the ‘old school’ when compared to the more minimalist and contemporary paintings currently being produced by the men of Papunya Tula Artists. This however in no way detracts from his ... Read More >

Artist Exhibition 1024

Aboriginal Art 2011

Scott Livesey Galleries, 08/06/2011 to 09/07/2011

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Artwork 5208
Willy Tjungurrayi
Kaakuratintja (Lake MacDonald)


acrylic on Belgian linen

153.00 x 122.00 cm

inscribed verso: artist's name and Papunya Tula Artists cat. WT0204004


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