Obsolescent Transit

03/05/2014 - 24/05/2014

Paul White

Paul White
Aloha Mojave

pencil on paper

95.00 x 179.00 cm


Obsolescent Transit

I am intrigued by obsolescence, the passing of time and the transformation associated with it. I am interested in how memory, place and time shape us, and in examining particular moments in my personal history to map out a navigation of the world...

Like the exploration of junkyards, by looking back at moments in time I am exploring memory and objects of the everyday and how they shift with place and time.

In recent times my exploration of these obsolete and abandoned machines has come into sync with current events with the impending closing of the car industry in Australia. At a time the car of choice for many families in the suburbs, the iconic brands of ‘Australias own’ - Holden and Ford (albeit subsidiaries of US giants) becoming obsolete and unviable in contemporary times. Likewise in recent news Qantas has been forced to make many workers redundant and retire aircraft. Also an increasing reliance on imported fuel; the ease of global movement that is the beauty of travel and modern times creating obsolescence in local production and identity.

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