The Need of the Time

11/11/2015 - 05/12/2015

Joshua Yeldham

Joshua Yeldham
Surrender Tree


hand carved Archival pigment print on cotton paper - unique

150.00 x 160.00 cm



The Need of the Time


My art leads me to nature like a charm.
In my carvings and ink work on paper,
I follow the patterned mangrove skin, their meridian lines, captured on my iPhone and blown up on cotton paper. With grinding tools, I eat the paper like a termite. Destroying the photographic image with fine geometry
to arrive at the symmetry where vibration is born.
In my practice, the destruction of grinding gives rise to new life. Just as a bush fire rejuvenates the land.
My Need of the Time is to endure the process of destruction.
To learn Mangrove tree endurance. Stomata, the opening and closing of pores that allow the mangrove to survive in a saline environment.
In this carved mangrove tree I hold our song of survival.

Joshua Yeldham 2015

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