Something Worth Fighting For

11/02/2016 - 24/02/2016

Darren McDonald

Darren McDonald
Daniel and Chopper

oil on linen

122.00 x 122.00 cm


Something Worth Fighting For


Darren McDonald has long been interested in imagery of humans and animals. He is drawn, more specifically, to a particular feature – their eyes. 

With a commitment to simplistic forms and the omission of detailed backgrounds the viewer’s gaze is drawn solely to the subjects who are left vulnerable and exposed. The ambiguity in the bareness of these works, and the physiognomies of these subjects, are juxtaposed by the tension and energy of McDonald’s practice and technique. 

McDonald explains his challenges and limitations as well as his influences and inspirations that have shaped his art practice allowing us to not only see through the eyes of his subjects but through his. (extract from Artist Profile, issue 27, p. 48-51)

The exhibition 'Something Worth Fighting For' came about from moving from Prahran to Newport (in the western suburbs). My dog Rupert was attacked on two occasions by the neighbour's dog. I found that the local council where unwilling to help. Reading the paper I found I was not alone. (DMcD, 2016).

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