An Encounter with Dan Withey

02/03/2016 - 24/03/2016

Dan Withey

Dan Withey
The One Eyed Man

acrylic and spray paint on board

165.00 x 120.00 cm


An Encounter with Dan Withey


Dan Withey was born 1986 in Birmingham England. In 2004 he immigrated to Australia and studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication (specialising in Illustration) at the University of South Australia. Upon graduating in 2007 with the Design Institute of Australia’s student of the year award, Withey decided to transition into a career in Visual Arts. Since this time he has had over 20 successful solo shows. 

His art, although addressing dilemmas of modern day society such as consumerism, the environment and freedom, are still imbued with a playful humour and humbleness that make them completely unpretentious and accessible to all audiences. 

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