Metaphorically Speaking

03/06/2017 - 24/06/2017

Ron Francis

Ron Francis
Walking Leviathan


oil on canvas

110.00 x 110.00 cm


Metaphorically Speaking

Artist's Statement:

I work mostly from imagination, inventing scenes and trying to make them as real as I can.

This causes me to study how things work in the natural world, particularly how light interacts with objects and environments, so I can more easily recreate it on canvas.

Subjects vary considerably from one painting to the next, ranging from recreating past events or dreams, to comments about what I may find odd or ironic about things people do.

Most of the time I exaggerate a scene, often using allegory, to try to distil the essence of what I'm trying to express. It is common for the meaning to be an intangible feeling that I can't express with words.

(RF, 2017)

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