08/09/2018 - 29/09/2018

Camie Lyons

Camie Lyons


aluminium, flock, leather

137.00 x 116.00 x 97.00 cm


“Dance me through the panic ‘til I’m gathered safely in…..dance me to the end of love, dance me to the end of love.” Leonard Cohen.

With thoughts of new beginnings and the wisdom of empathies, Lyon’s latest body of sculptural artworks represent a tangle and layering of elegant understandings. Her strongest, and most powerful lines hold within them the beauty of sure footedness. Others, balance between the unbearable and the lightness of being - an extension of her ever-evolving practice.

Here, Lyon’s once captured, now untethered ‘metallic line’ flourishes, pulsates and twists, it is sinewy and alive with a new kind of power. ‘Untethered', allows Lyons the opportunity to show a little more of her underbelly. There is a new-found confidence and control here as well, an intertwining with her existing brand of alchemy. Her audience cannot help but be lassooed, drawn in and ultimately captured by her twirling, earthy dervishes – they are joyful, bronzed, untamed life forces. “A breath, an unconscious gesture, a flowing line – the umbilical connecting us together and attaching to our own histories. My work is a kind of snapshot, a frozen step in time and a commitment to the path being taken”. …

Just as a dance is at its best when made to look effortless, so too Lyon’s work imbues an exact determination, cleverly disguised. Her sculptural pieces shimmy and extend, pirouette and retreat, burst with literal metal and heat – as simple and as complex as breath...

Jennie Primmer., J. Extract for Camie Lyons, September 2018.

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