Reverence - Pastures to the Wild

10/10/2018 - 03/11/2018

Jennifer Riddle

Jennifer Riddle
Adrift - Melaleuca


acrylic on canvas

122.00 x 122.00 cm


Reverence - Pastures to the Wild

There is much to learn from the land. The more I experience in life, the more I’m drawn to nature’s wisdom, beauty and its transcendental majesty.

This exhibition surveys both the familiar rural lands of my home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and my recent discovery of the ancient wilderness of Tasmania’s southwest. Both landscapes differ in their physical form—one altered and tamed, the other untouched and raw—and yet they share a sense of harmony and discord, strength and vulnerability, life and decay. They are stoic reminders of our land’s endurance and fragility, its resilience and vulnerability, and reveal the stories of time while maintaining a visceral sense of place.
‘Reverence - Pastures to the Wild' explores beyond the physical landscape and delves deeply into the fused emotional connection found within.

For me, it is the acknowledgement of nature’s sublimity, and the humbling recognition of my relationship to it, that matters the most when capturing the landscape. Reverence and sympathy for the land has become an integral part of my practice and it is through this response that I hope to share the beautiful, transient moments that have moved me the most.

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