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Scott Livesey Galleries

28 July 2017

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 Wynne Prize 2017 Finalist | Art Gallery of NSW

Congratulations to Joshua Yeldham for being one of 42 Finalists for the 2017 Wynne Prize, with his work 'Mother Tree - Morning Bay' (acrylic on hand-carved paper, 210 x 210 cm).

"Over a period of 11 years, I have sat beneath a powerful grey mangrove in a remote lagoon near Pittwater, NSW. On thick hand-made paper, I have carved her trunk with a belt sander, digging through the ink to reveal her – a scarification of carved lines that build a bridge over the vast landscape towards my inner world." Joshua Yeldham, 2017

The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes will be on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales until 22 October 2017

Scott Livesey Galleries

06 July 2017

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 ARTIST PROFILE: Australasian Painters 2007-2017

ARTIST PROFILE: Australasian Painters 2007-2017

On View: 8 July to 10 September 2017

Congratulations to DARREN McDONALD who was selected as one of the artists to be apart of the 10 year anniversary exhibition, with his work 'Painter, model with chair', oil on canvas 152 x 152 cm..

This exhibition brings together a selection of paintings by over 140 artists featured in Artist Profile magazine over its 10 year history, providing a comprehensive overview of Australasian painting from 2007 to 2017.

With 40 issues of in-depth interviews and stories to its credit, Artist Profile has become a touchstone visual arts publication for professionals, students and art lovers.

The magazine’s emphasis on artists’ working processes and personal perspectives is echoed in this exhibition which celebrates the individuality of each painter represented.

Editor Kon Gouriotis and Deputy Editor Lucy Stranger have curated the exhibition from the magazine’s featured living painters.

Darren joins the following -
Khadim Ali, Tim Allen, Rick Amor, Suzanne Archer, Peter Atkins, Del Kathryn Barton, Ray Beattie, Asher Bilu, Vivienne Binns, Marion Borgelt, Paul Boston, Joanna Braithwaite, Lyndell Brown, Sophie Cape, Tom Carment, Jun Chen, Louisa Chircop, Andrew Christofides, Kevin Connor, Roger Crawford, Lucy Culliton, Elisabeth Cummings, Peter Daly, Debra Dawes, Janet Dawson, Ken Done, Richard Dunn, Chris Dyson, Mclean Edwards, Nicole Ellis, David Fairbairn, John Firth-Smith, Juan Ford, Belinda Fox, Neil Frazer, Joe Frost, Joe Furlonger, Gunybi Ganambarr, Teelah George, George Gittoes, Peter Godwin, Ian Grant, Charles Green, David Griggs, Helga Groves, Nicholas Harding, Brent Harris, Katherine Hattam, Louise Hearman, Naomi Hobson, Christopher Hodge, Dean Home, John Honeywill, Gordon Hookey, George Johnson, Michael Johnson, Alan Jones, Jumaadi, Ildiko Kovacs, Anna Kristensen, Dan Kyle, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Ross Laurie, Kevin Lincoln, Margaret Loy Pula, Steve Lopes, Fiona Lowry, Euan Macleod, Guy Maestri, Tim Maguire, Hilarie Mais, Robert Malherbe, Dani Marti, Angus McDonald, Noel McKenna, Alexander McKenzie, Fiona McMonagle, Karen Mills, Nigel Milsom, Reg Mombassa, Nick Mourtzakis, Idris Murphy, Frank Nowlan, Peter O’Doherty, Lucy O’Doherty, Susan O’Doherty, John Olsen, Nicholas Osmond, Mike Parr, Jim Paterson, Amanda Penrose Hart, Stieg Perrson, Rosslynd Piggott, Charmaine Pike, Tom Polo, Rodney Pople, James Powditch, Peter Powditch, John Pule, Ben Quilty, Victoria Reichelt, Leslie Rice, Sally Ross, Paul Ryan, Khaled Sabsabi, Evan Salmon, Nike Savvas, Luke Sciberras, Jan Senbergs, Vivienne Shark Le Witt, Peter Sharp, Wendy Sharpe, Garry Shead, Jaiwei Shen, Gemma Smith, Paul Snell, Vanessa Stockard, Jacqui Stockdale, Michael Taylor, Ann Thomson, Imants Tillers, Aida Tomescu, Tony Twigg, Jelle Van Den Berg, Savandhary Vongpoothorn, Vince Vozzo, John R Walker, Ruth Waller, Guy Warren, Tommy Watson, Judy Watson, Guan Wei, Mark Whalen, Ken Whisson, Justin Williams, Philip Wolfhagen, John Wolseley, Pedro Wonaeamirri, Coen Young, Zoe Young, Michael Zavros and Salvatore Zofrea.

For further information:



Scott Livesey Galleries

23 February 2017

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Scott Livesey Galleries is pleased to announce the representation of Sonia Payes. Exhibition planned for 2017.

Sonia is a finalist for the Monalto Sculpture Prize with her 2.5m (height) work 'Woman 2016'. The opening Sunday 26 February, and will be on view until 29 October 2017.

Scott Livesey Galleries

31 January 2017

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The opening of THE DAEDALUS PROJECT will start at 6pm sharp, Friday 3rd Feb, at the Ferguson Foundry 281 Guildford Rd, Maylands, where maps will be handed out and procession to the various performances will begin.

The 'Stelarc' and 'StickMan' performance will be held on Friday 3rd February as part of the opening of DAEDULUS at 7:30 pm and on Saturday 4th February from 10:00-3:00 pm at Chrissie Parrots Studio, 4 Sussex Street, Maylands. 'StickMan' will continue to perform as an installation until 17 February.

'StickMan' is a minimal but full body pneumatically actuated exoskeleton that generates simple gestures. Sensors on the arms, leg and spine of 'StickMan' produce signals as it moves, triggering sounds. The sounds are composed by the automated and involuntary choreography. Six speakers circulate the sound. The performance will be documented in 360.

Sound component is by Petros Vouris. 'StickMan' is engineered by Tim Jewell. Programming by Steve Berrick. Video production by Steven Aaron Hughes. Special thanks to Rodney Parsons.

For further information: https://www.facebook.com/events/376667526004294/

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