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13 December 2018

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NOW REPRESENTING | Andrew Rogers -


Andrew Rogers is a distinguished and internationally recognised contemporary artist; one of Australia’s most successful. International exhibits are frequent and his critically acclaimed sculptures and photographs are in numerous private and prominent public collections around the world.

Rogers’ body of work comprises over 600 sculptures. He receives many international commissions for large-scale works in bronze and stainless steel and has created “Rhythms of Life”, the largest contemporary land art undertaking in the world. A connected series of 51 massive stone sculptures, or known as Geoglyphs, around the globe that are visible from space. The unique project has involved over 7,500 people in 16 countries across 7 continents over 16 years. The first land art project to be documented by satellite.

The Google Cultural Institute has recently partnered with Rogers and launched the ‘Rhythms of Life’ land art project exhibition on their Art Project website.

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