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Scott Livesey Galleries
12 March 2022
News Article 1079

Julia Ritson

Finalist | Len Fox Painting Prize 2022

Julia Ritson 'Finalist' in the 2022 Len Fox Painting Prize, at Castlemaine Art Museum, with her work 'Untitled 20-12', measuring 41 x 41 cm.

"A planting of eucalypts sits within an urban framework of billboards, high-rise buildings, and the metallic flash of passing cars. The everyday realm drenched in sunlight. Colours, light, and texture within the grid embrace and dissect the form of two trunks, transforming the conventional view of a landscape.

Beyond depiction and representation, this painting captures the shifting effects of light and colour criss-crossing the surface. Like the works of E.P. Fox, opacity and transparency are at play to create a type of atmosphere. Light and the absence of light.

The universality of the grid weaves intricate links between constraint, harmony, and wildness. By fusing irregularity, chance, and accident, the formal rigidity of the closed grid is opened to reveal greater interpretation and meaning. The understanding of the work is liberated as if seeing a landscape simultaneously through multiple perspectives at once. By making the grid more open and fluid, it is forever shapeshifting.

This painting plays with colour and light, movement and stillness, leaving the viewer with an impression of their own making."

The Len Fox Painting Award is a biennial acquisitive painting prize and is awarded to a living Australian artist to commemorate the life and work of Emanuel Phillips Fox (1865–1915), the uncle of Len Fox, partner of benefactor Mona Fox.

The Len Fox Award recognises and promotes the work of Australian artists pursuing the artistic interests and qualities of E. P. Fox. These include engagement with colour and light; ambitious connections with international developments in art; and, an interest in travel and an engagement with the cultures of diverse regions and peoples.

Exhibiting artists:
Zoe Amor, Kylie Banyard, Kim Barter, Andrew Browne, Richard Butler Bowdon, Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, Evie Cahir, Kevin Chin, Dale Cox, Rhett D’Costa, Jacki Fewtrell Gobert, Celia Fernndez, Emily Feretti, Robert Fielding, Hannah Fox, Jane Giblin, James Grant, Safak Gurboga, Katherine Hattam, Mark Hislop, Karen Holland, Casey Jeffery, Dena Kahan, Anthea Kemp, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Robert Maclaurin, Harley Manifold, Rob McHaffie, Nicola Moss, Elizabeth Nelson, Grant Nimmo, Lori Pensini, Marina Pumani-Brown, Adam Pyett, Steven Rendall, Julia Ritson, Lucy Roleff, Rachael Robb, Jennie Stewart, Adriane Strampp, Clive Stratford, Kynan Sutherland, Ross Taylor, Kate Tucker, Ebony Truscott, Deborah Walker, Marcus Wills, Renee Wilson, Alice Wormald, Christine Wrest-Smith, Michael Vale and Judith Van Heeren, with the winner Greg Creek.

Scott Livesey Galleries
10 March 2022
News Article 1078

John Pastoriza Pinol

Queer: Stories from the NGV Collection

John Pastoriza Pinol
Queer: Stories from the NGV Collection

QUEER shines a light on the @ngvmelbourne Collection to examine and reveal the queer stories works of art can tell. This exhibition of works from the NGV Collection spans historical eras and diverse media including painting, drawing, photography, decorative arts, fashion, video, sculpture, and design and explores queerness as an expression of sexuality and gender, a political movement, a sensibility, and as an attitude that defies fixed definition.

Rather than attempting to provide an definitive history of queer art, the exhibition explores the NGV Collection from a queer perspective, presenting and interpreting queer concepts and stories. Many works in the exhibition are by artists who identify as queer; some are by artists who lived in times when such identification was not possible; and some works are not by queer artists but have a connection to queer histories. The exhibition highlights that queerness is intersectional, and that LGBTQ+ rights are interwoven with other political and equality movements. Beyond exploring new layers of interpretation and reinvestigating conventional narratives, this exhibition also considers absences in the NGV Collection itself, by excavating queer history where it has been omitted or eclipsed, through oversight or intent.

QUEER: Stories from the NGV Collection includes approximately 400 artworks from antiquity to the present day, making the exhibition the most historically expansive thematic presentation of its kind ever presented by an Australian art institution.

‘Sobriquet 10 - Jacket’, ‘Sobriquet 11 - Crotch’ and ‘Sobriquet 13 - Leg’ / Now in the collection of the NGV.

On view NGV International 10 March - 21 August 2022.

Scott Livesey Galleries
16 February 2022
News Article 1082

Camie Lyons

AMP Artwork Commission

Camie Lyons | AMP | Artwork Commission

AMP's landmark CBD-based building, 255 George Street Sydney has been undergoing an extensive refurbishment... From a highly competitive field of shortlisted artists, Sydney-based artist Camie Lyons was duly awarded the commission by the selection panel.

Camie's well-researched and innovative artwork proposal, one derivative of the Australian bush, was at its essence, to "re-forest and re-energize the Annex space by bringing back the original species of trees that once stood on the site".

Scott Livesey Galleries
20 March 2021
News Article 1073

Todd Hunter | Home Made

Todd Hunter | Home Made | On view 10 March - 1 April 2021

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