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13 March 2024


20 April - 11 May 2024

Luke Sciberras

On view 20 April - 11 May 2024

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"Every part of our environment is either cut by or flooded by our waterways. From the smallest creeks which can often seem to flow upstream when their nearest river floods, to the granduer of the long winding rivers which glide slowly past ancient trees and parched higher ground, we are surrounded by and often arrested by the process of water making its way to destination. Whether it be dramatic and awe inspiring or a more subtle manoeuvre water invariably has its way. As it falls, gathers, retreats and flows the landscape on every part of the earth is formed and informed by its waterways. Here are but a few that I’ve come to love. In my travels along the lakes of Yarrawonga in Victoria, the darling river that flows through the entire state of New South Wales, the murrumbidge with its sweet strength and the mysterious Lake George I find myself like a trainspotter or a bird watcher following the nuances and beauty of each mercurial glimmer. "

Scott Livesey Galleries
12 March 2024
Jennifer Riddle

Jennifer Riddle

Glover Prize 2024

Congratulations to Jennifer Riddle for being selected as a finalist in the 2024 Glover Prize for her work "Mountain water" (acrylic on canvas, 137.5 x 183 cm).

"I have long been fascinated by why we gravitate to specific landscapes and places. Why some places have more of a magnetic pull than others, and why some landscapes can leave you with an uneasy discomfort. I've experienced both often; it's an awareness that has been with me for as long as I can remember. As a child. I still recall the first time my Mum showed me a traditional Chinese Shan Shui painting. The name Shan Shui literally translates to 'mountain-water-picture." Its atmospheric mountainous layers and waterway instantly created a calm within me, a memory that is rekindled whenever I'm back in Tasmania's remote Southwest.

Mountains and water have been an enduring feature of my work, especially since the loss of my sister and now, more recently, my beautiful and inspiring Mum. Through love and grief, I returned my thoughts to the ancient Celery Top Islands, which heralded a strength and resonance befitting of love, loss, and renewal. A place to honour nature's elements and forces, awaken and realign us - a place to feel the presence of nature and those we've lost."




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